53. Exceptional 1968 Colt U.S._National Match Pistol by Rock Island Arsenal

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serial #939418, 45 ACP, 5" National Match barrel with a bright excellent bore. The metal surfaces of this final Rock Island Arsenal-built national match pistol retaining the 98-99% original arsenal phosphate finish showing some sparsely scattered very light handling marks, most of which do not breech the blued and phosphate finish. There are a few spots of extremely light surface oxidation along the left lower edge of the slide, they are very unobtrusive and there is a very small area of wear on the right front of the dust cover. Remarkably, this pistol retains the white painted DOD acceptance mark on the frame to the rear of the right grip, these markings easily worn away by oil and solvents. The fully checkered walnut grips rate excellent. in addition to the normal markings including the left-side "FJA" inspectors marking and right side ordnance wheel, the pistol exhibits arsenal rebuild marks "NM" on the right root of the triggerguard and "RIA" on the right of the frame just above this. 1968 was the last year these pistols were made at Rock Island Arsenal, this example featuring an appropriate "U.S." marked Kensight rear sight, the national match front appears to have been regulated very slightly. The Colt barrel is national match part numbered "7791414" and numbered with the last four digits of the pistols serial number "9418" on the right hood of the barrel. The slide is the correct national match "7791435" part number and is numbered to the gun beneath the firing pin stop "9418", the national match bushing number "7267718" is at the front of the gun. There is a long aluminum trigger adjustable for overtravel installed and the frontstrap of the frame has been neatly metal checkered, both by Rock Island Arsenal. A single unmarked seven round magazine is included, it is numbered to the gun "9418" on its right lower edge in electric DC pencil. Really a superb example overall, very seldom-encountered retaining the white painted acceptance stamping. (38100-34) {MODERN} [Walter "Walt" Rauch Collection] (2500/4000) SOLD FOR $5,175.00

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